Skin Assist™ ~ Skin Support ~ 180 capsules

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Skin Assist offers focused skin support by promoting healthy and glowing blemish-free skin; promotes balanced hormonal effects on the sebaceous glands & physiological functions of the skin.*

Featured Ingredients:

  • Critical nutrients for the skin include optimal and easily absorbed forms of calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D, biotin, selenium and zinc, especially for clear skin
  • Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C are included for collagen and connective tissue support; these can promote skin healing
  • Antioxidants support healthy skin healing and Vitamin E further supports the additional antioxidants in the formula: Vit A, Vit C, Selenium, Lutein, Lycopene
  • Botanical support: Burdock root supports blood purifying and is a traditionally used herb for skin support; Horsetail is rich in minerals, especially silica, an important nutrient for nails and hair; Oatstraw, an herbal nerve tonic, promotes relaxed nerves around the hair follicles; Gotu kola supports circulation and the maintenance of blood vessels; Saw palmetto and nettles root promote hormone balancing effects on the glands.


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Suggested Use:

3 capsules, up to twice daily.

Contraindications and Cautions:

Avoid use of this product if pregnant or nursing.

Skin Assist – Product Page: Click here for a printable PDF product sheet.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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